Travel Diary – Burgau, Algarve, Portugal

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A wedding invitation received around Christmastime last year led to the planning of a trip through Southern Spain and the Algarve in Portugal for two weeks in July. The trip is nearly finished now, and I have taken lots of pictures but written nothing.

Today we are in the village of Burgau in the Algarve. The wedding took place over the last two days in nearby Praia da Luz. The wedding has been written about in Mary Murphy’s blog at I just want to say a little about Burgau here.

I’m not a big fan of beaches and beach holidays. In particular, the big resorts that line the Costa del Sol, the hotels in Hawaii, the all-inclusive resorts in Tunisia and Malta and many other places, including much of the Algarve. I’ve stayed in a cute little village in Croatia, but you had to walk a way to get to a stony beach. Same in Malta. On a hillside in Kona, Hawaii with great sea views, but you had to get in the car to get to any one of several beaches. I’ve even day-tripped by bangka (outrigger canoe)  to stunning beaches on islands in the Philippines. But out of all of these, it seems to me that Burgau gets all the ingredients just right. A beautiful stretch of soft golden-sand beach that never seems to be too crowded, a cluster of white-washed houses and shops clinging to the hillside above it, and a nice selection of bars, shops, cafe’s and restaurants all within a few hundred meters of where we stayed.

And if that is not enough, there are beautiful hiking trails along sea cliffs leading out of the village in both directions.

Innaccessible beach along the trail

I think we lucked out on the little flat we rented, top floor of a three-story house in the middle of the village with two balconies with sea views.

Balcony View
Balcony View

Burgau is just about the last village on the Algarve coast, and for me, it has all the ingredients for a beach holiday just about right.

Cliff Walk
Cliff Walk
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