Easter Monday: Camino minus one.

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Tomorrow I will be flying to Portugal. We will probably spend the next day or there before starting to walk towards Santiago de Compostela.

I restarted this blog mostly to keep a diary of the Camino experience. A few days ago I wrote briefly about being spiritually unprepared. Now that it is almost here, I feel just plain unprepared. I didn’t finish the work I planned to have done by now. I haven’t trained enough. I haven’t gathered everything on my packing list, but the backpack I bought for this trip is already full. I’m feeling tired and a little stressed.

But by this time tomorrow I’ll be in the air winging my way to Porto to begin two weeks of ‘sauntering’ towards Santiago de Compestela.

When contemplating this trip, I really wasn’t sure if be up for it physically. Then I read somewhere that the origin of the word saunter has its roots in the French word for saint. To saunter originally meant to walk on a pilgrimage, or to ‘saint-er’. Hiking 250 kilometres sounds a little intimidating, but when I realized I could saunter, I thought ‘I can do that’.

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